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Our Customer Service Representatives are online from 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Sunday.

Call our hotline 1300 72 4491

Our customer service representatives will gladly assist you from 9:00am to 8:00pm daily.

Send us an email at

Give us all the necessary information so we can immediately help you with your enquiry.

  • Name of sender and contact numbers
  • Name and address of receiver and contact numbers.
  • Date shipment was sent

Here's how we will handle your complaints:

Acknowledging your complaint

You complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours by our Customer Service Representatives. We will email or call you to request for specific details of your complaint.

Investigating of your complaint

Your complaint will be investigated by our Manager. We will be as thorough as possible and deal with your concern promptly.

Resolving your complaint

Our Manager will analyze and take full account of all the facts. While your complaint is being investigated, we will update on its progress.

Informing you of our decision

Our Manager will email you a complete account of our investigation and our decision. We aim to resolve your complaint within 15 days of your raising.

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